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I'd love it if people commented on my work, but if you don't that's fine. Not like I tried hard or put any effort into it.





Haven't updated this journal in forever. Some updates:

1. The People's Hammer will eventually be completed, part three is in the works but not my main project at the moment, and Part Two (already uploaded) will eventually be fleshed out in the Author's Note. It amazes me likely more then it amazes you guys how much of a lazy shit I can be with things like this, when my day to day life has me thinking I'm an overworked lioness :o

2. My current project is essentially a world where myself, my friend Eoghan (you guys know him as Todyo1798), and my friend Kyle (so a Siberian woman, an Irishmen, and an Englishmen) run our respective countries of origin... or at least our descendants do in the future year 2414, centuries after the cataclysms of civilization came to their climax time and again. Or something cryptic like that. Simply put it's a pulp-fiction map world where our descendants rule the worlds superpowers. Also some random funny things are here and there because it is literally myself and two crazy dudes deciding what to do with the world... if you don't like nuclear-gouged canals you're really going to hate me.... though you might like to hear I created the best state there is (Siberia is best state, like Best Korea, only Bester)

3: Moved back to Primorsky Krai. Reason for lengthy absence had to do with dealing with the before, during, after effects of that. Not sure if I've already told you guys before but yeah, I'm back in Russia on land I inherited from my great-uncle developing this place so... between being a single mother and working AND "house chores" I've been a very busy kitteh.

That's all for now. Fuck you if you have questions (or ask questions, idk, I'll just go update the aforementioned apocalypse map.... which you should all be seeing soon enough)
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∞ ┐('~';)┌ ∞
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I am a nobody. Describing words for myself could be: Pariah, Nihil, Ater, Hikikomori, Misanthrope, Recluse, Loner, Hermit, Hated, Bipolar, Despicable, Introverted, and Lacedaemonian.

However I can be easy to get along with, to a certain degree. If your nice, I'm nice. If you're a prick... well you get the point.

Oh, and on NationStates, I'm known as Unilisia.

:iconwtfboomplz: :iconwtfboomplz: :iconwtfboomplz: :iconwtfboomplz: :iconwtfboomplz: :iconwtfboomplz:

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Favourite genre of music: Alternative/Progressive Rock, and a few exceptions in other genre's.
Favourite photographer: Eric Valmont, Jr.
Favourite style of art: Alternative.
Operating System: Vostro.
MP3 player of choice: One of my several iPods. Or my computer. Either way, better than shitty MP3's.
Shell of choice: My sinew and flesh.
Wallpaper of choice: A picture of my boyfriend at my 20th birthday party.
Skin of choice: The one attached to my body.
Favourite cartoon character: I don't have one, but my over all favorite character is Robert Neville.
Personal Quote: Ex Cineris Nos Orimur Mutatio Et Pertinacia

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When is Alien Space Bats, Year Three coming out?
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If your interesting map game voting has begun…
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I'm thinking of starting a map game, check it out if your interested I have various potential senarios in my journal :)…
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Happy Birthday!
HeliosMegistos Featured By Owner Apr 18, 2014
What would you think of an alternate history/alternate history fantasy that produces these two gems ?

441 New Dawn "1521 A.D": Helena Eosopoulou, the High Matriarch of Rome is stripped naked and beaten to death before been hung drawn and quartered by a mob of Christian fanatics. The Pope in Avignon declares the mob fulfilling Gods will and decrees their actions most holy. An enraged Basileus Helioclius I Eosopoulos vows to Helios that he will eradicate the Avignon Papacy once and for all for this grave insult. Tens of thousands of Italian Catholics are killed by the Rhomaion Legionnaires and the Heliades. A vast exodus of Catholics from Italy into Austria, Bavaria & Aquitania in southern France begins.

445 N.D "1525 A.D": Helioclius I Invades Aquitania with a large army with begins making it's way toward Avignon. The Pope proclaims God will never let Avignon fall to the spawn of Lucifer. In the resulting battle Helioclius I is mortally wounded and captured by a member of Avignons Hungarian Guard, His Praetorian Guard is slaughtered to a man. The mortally wounded Basileus is brought before the Pope who demands that he renounce his false gods, convert to Catholicism and embrace the Lord's forgiveness or else burn in Hell for all eternity. Helioclius I replies: "I will never become a servant of Yahweh. I chose suffering over slavery". The Pope replies "Then I sentence you to eternal damnation in the name of God". Helioclius I is crucified outside the walls of Avignon where the survivors of his army will be forced to watch him be burned alive. Defiant until the end, the Basileus last words are "Helios light is infinitely greater then Yahweh's darkness. He will not forgive your heinous crimes, you will all suffer greatly in your next cycle of life. Helios Megistos bath these fools in your might flames, burn their bodies to a crisp and turn their vile city to ash. Mother Eos as my witness I beseech thee." The Basileus death outside Avignon becomes a powerful symbol of defiance and tenacity in the face of Yahweh. Helioclius I becomes remembered as one of the greatest rulers of Rhomaion and a willing martyr destined for renewed greatness in his next cycle of life. In answer of his plea, Avignon, the Pope, his fellow Catholics an much of the surrounding countryside are incinerated by a spontaneous firestorm. Christians around the world learn to fear angering or otherwise insulting the gods of Rhomaion whoever they maybe.
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DaneOfScandinavy Featured By Owner Apr 14, 2014
Thanks for the fave!
NocturnalDarkness Featured By Owner Apr 8, 2014
I always feel very privileged and grateful when someone of such renown is this little community appreciates my work. :) Many thanks!
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Thank you for the favourite.
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What art/project are you working on currently ?
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Thanks for the fav and comment.  "Alien space bats" I laugh out loud everytime I see that :D
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thanks for the watch! much appreciated!
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Hi, What is your NationStates account?
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Happy New Year :)
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A belated thanks for the recent map fav!
Loopol Featured By Owner Dec 14, 2013  Hobbyist Photographer
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After sex by Loopol
GigoXXIII Featured By Owner Dec 14, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
Having look over the various maps you've made, I was wondering have you ever considered doing a major Britian/United King screw ?. For example maybe the UK managed to defeat the American Revolution by the skin of it's teeth and then was stuck trying to hold restless colony and populace that frequently caused trouble and would rebel whenever it felt it had a decent chance, things might come to ahead during the Napoleonic Wars with Britian losing all it's wholdings in the New World to another revolution while Napoleon is left largely unopposed in Europe for and Britian eventually loses India during the Indian Rebellion of 1857 or something like that, basically a situation where the UK doesn't become the Super Power of it's time or even a Great Power and has few if any significant colonies.
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I'v kicked back off my map game, it's your turn it your still in since Lamnay was fourth.…
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and thanks of course for the watch!
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Hey there! Come see my new art if you wish to see. :)
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If you can see this page you might like this,…

Norse kings of Egypt... its as awesome as it sounds :)
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